Offer Cohen

Chief Executive Officer, Shekulo Tov

Offer has been the Group’s CEO since 2006 when we were a small candle-making sheltered workshop. Since then, the Group has become an innovative social giant with an international reach that has placed thousands in the open labor market – while operating under zero donation and zero volunteering policies.

Offer oversees the group’s eight social business chains- all have different products, branding, and business plans but run with the same organizational focus- open labor market transition and Intrapreneurship.

Offer is an awardee of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship and an alumnus of The INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Program. He has a BA in business management, specializing in marketing, and an MA in business management, specializing in production.

Offer will help you with entrepreneurial and business decisions, support your scale and help you with problem-solving to maximize growth and impact!

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