Nicole Bigby

Partner and General Counsel, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP

I work with businesses/organisations to adopt and implement responsible and sustainable business conduct strategies and legal and risk governance and management approaches to create ethical, purpose driven, sustainable value and cultures. I have a specific focus on developing new legal and risk governance approaches to assist business to realise their responsibility to respect social/human rights - it's not "CSR" but rethinking how to re-align business models, embedding “rights aligned” legal and social accountability risk governance and management systems, and using parallel rule of law and anti-corruption strategies to support more resilient and responsible ways of operating and business relationships and environments in accordance with international standards and norms. Leveraging dialogue about a “smart mix” across government policy and regulation; supporting business leadership and best practice; driving innovation and investment in tech; creating space for collaborative initiatives and networks to build on what works and replicate impact at speed and scale – are critical levers to effect mainstream change and ensure all businesses implement responsible and sustainable business conduct approaches. It’s a fascinating and dynamic area - operating at the intersection of policy, law/regulation - international and national, stakeholder and social accountability mechanisms and transparency, developing practice and approaches - there’s much to do and better ideas are very welcome!

For more about me or to get in touch, please do connect - see my linkedin profile › nicolebigby

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