Nele Leosk

Ambassador-at-Large for Digital Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia

Nele Leosk is the Ambassador-at-Large for Digital Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Estonia, being responsible for the development and coordination of Estonia's digital diplomacy and global partnerships in a digital domain.
Over the past twenty years, she has advised political and public sector leaders in digital governance and digital economy in more than forty countries in Central and Eastern Europe, South-Eastern Europe, Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa. Apart from government work, she has experienced the life of private sector, international and inter-governmental organisations such as the UNDP, UNU, OECD as well as academia.

As a promoter of free and inclusive digital society, she acts as the chair of Digital Cooperation and Digital Diplomacy network, lead for GovStack Initiative in Estonia; she is the member of the Open Government Partnership Initiative's support group and active in several networks on women in tech. She also mentors female digital leaders.

Nele holds a PhD in Political and Social Sciences from the European University Institute and lectures on technology policy, digital foreign policy and legal aspects of information society.

She is interested in the relationships between technology and society, the impacts that technology has on governance, economy, security and our behaviour at large.

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