Mordechai Orenstein

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Mifalot Education and Society

Moti Orenstein and Moshe Theumim have worked together for many years, first meeting in the Israel Scouts in 1966, when Theumim was a scout leader and Orenstein joined the troop as a guide. Later the friends had the opportunity to acquire the financially-troubled Hapoel Tel Aviv Football Club. Theumim had been a fan of the team for many years, and although Orensten was a fan of the rival Maccabi Tel Aviv Football Club, they decided to jointly acquire Hapoel in order to create a platform for social activity through sport, a concept that was missing in Israel’s poor and marginalized communities. They soon approached their good friend, Sammy Segol, and together the three developed their idea into what is now Mifalot Education and Social Project.

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