Jean-Daniel Muller

Co-Founder, Siel Bleu

Jean-Daniel Muller is the Co-Founder of Siel Bleu. This association aims to improve and maintain the health and well-being of vulnerable people by using Adapted Physical Activities (APA) and to increase participant’s autonomy, independence and social inclusion. Among the beneficiaries of these activities are seniors in elderly care homes, young seniors and people and children with illnesses or disabilities. The association's main goal is to make activities affordable, because health should not be considered a luxury good. To achieve this goal, Siel Bleu continues to excel its economic model through innovative partnerships and funding initiatives. Today, there are 600 employees providing these activities throughout France and for more than 120,000 people each week. This model has been duplicated in Belgium, Ireland and Spain, where 150 employees work for the well-being of vulnerable people.

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