Emmanuelle Nasse Bridier

Group Chief Credit Officer, Group Investment and Asset and Liability Management, AXA

Emmanuelle Nasse Bridier is Chief Credit Officer at AXA Group. She's member of the G20 Infrastructure Private Sector Advisory Group. She was previously head of AXA France strategic asset allocation. Emmanuelle started her career in Credit Lyonnais Group where her last position was vice president of Securitization Division in charge of structuring RMBS and ABS transactions. She joined AXA Group in 1999 to create and develop AXA IM ABS Department. She was head of AXA IM ABS team until 2004 when she joined Fitch Ratings as Managing Director, Head of Structured products Team for Continental Europe. She was back to AXA Group in January 2009, where she was in charge of strategic asset allocation for AXA France general account. She was promoted Head of AXA Group Credit Team and AXA Group Chief Credit Officer in January 2013