Christopher Wellise

Director of Sustainability and Carbon, Amazon Web Services

Christopher is passionate about drawing upon his experience in business and science/ engineering to analyze how organizations innovate, develop and market products; consume energy and natural resources; and produce waste streams, to find ways to bring businesses closer to economic, social and environmental sustainability. As part of the HPE Corporate Affairs organization, the Living Progress team is committed to increasing HPE’s brand value and business success through social investment programs that are aligned with the overall business strategy. The overarching objective is to create a better future for everyone through their actions and innovations. It’s the way that people and technology come together to solve society’s toughest challenges. Christopher directs a team that is focused on solving social and environmental issues in collaboration with non-profit organizations, governments, customers and partners. Together they create solutions that improve communities and advance human, economic and environmental progress. He has expertise on a broad variety of corporate sustainability concepts and leadership practices; solid understanding of the challenges and opportunities for multinational companies related to sustainable development, strategy, innovation, brand building, transparency and reporting. Christopher has a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from San Diego State University and a Master of Science degree in Environmental Studies from San Jose State University.

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