Anisa Costa

Chief Sustainability Officer, Rivian

Anisa is a philanthropy and sustainability executive with a track record of connecting environmental, social, and governance issues to business performance, reputation, and shareholder value. She currently serves as Chief Sustainability Officer at Rivian as well as President and Trustee of the Rivian Foundation. Previously Anisa worked at Tiffany & Co. for nearly two decades. During her tenure she served as Tiffany & Co.’s first-ever Chief Sustainability Officer as well as Chairman and President of the Tiffany & Co. Foundation, focusing the company’s philanthropic strategy on supporting nonprofit organizations dedicated to the stewardship of natural resources and empowerment of local communities, in the areas of responsible mining and marine conservation. She developed Tiffany & Co.’s metrics-driven ESG effort, which has been recognized by investors and the private and nonprofit sectors for its substance and transparency, including Tiffany & Co.’s commitment to become a net zero company. Her career has focused on catalyzing collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships among an array of stakeholders, scaling programs and impact, and effectively communicating strategy and purpose to diverse constituencies and audiences. She is a recognized expert in philanthropic, environmental and social impact issues with extensive board leadership experience on a variety of domestic and international nonprofit, industry, and multi-stakeholder bodies.

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