Andrew Baird

Chief Executive Officer, Education For Employment (EFE)

Andrew Baird serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Education for Employment, an organization deeply committed to tackling the pressing issue of youth unemployment in the Middle East and North Africa. With a wealth of experience in workforce development, entrepreneurship, women's economic empowerment, and youth development, Andrew is a seasoned expert in these pivotal fields. His profound conviction lies in the transformative potential of economic empowerment, recognizing its capacity to give hope and dignity while fostering more resilient communities.
Andrew's impactful career has taken him across the globe, spanning diverse regions including Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Notably, he played a foundational role in establishing the Global Center for Youth Employment, a robust network of organizations dedicated to serving youth. Andrew also possesses a keen interest in the profound implications of Artificial Intelligence on the labor market.
Andrew is a passionate cyclist.

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