Marie-France Tschudin

Marie-France Tschudin

President of Novartis Pharmaceuticals since 2019 | Nationality: Swiss | Year of birth: 1971

Background information
Marie-France Tschudin is President of Novartis Pharmaceuticals, the company’s largest business unit by sales. Novartis Pharmaceuticals launches and commercializes innovative treatments to address patients’ needs across a range of therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular diseases, ophthalmology, immunology and dermatology.

Marie-France is inspired by providing better treatment options that could transform patients’ quality of life. With multiple launches of new medicines expected during the next several years, her aspiration is for Novartis Pharmaceuticals to transform the standard of care for twice as many patients, twice as fast.

“Patients can’t wait, and deserve better. We have an incredible opportunity to change the lives of millions of people. Our job is to focus intently on the needs of patients, physicians and healthcare systems, and to bring them our treatments in a way that is as innovative as our science.”

Marie-France took on her current role in 2019, having joined Novartis Pharmaceuticals two years earlier as Europe Region Head. She speaks six languages and draws on more than 25 years of multinational experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

Throughout her career, she has established a strong record of driving commercial excellence, maintaining integrity and championing a commitment to patients. Her goal as a leader is to create a diverse and inclusive environment where people are
empowered to be their best selves and collaborate to have real impact for patients. She believes that having a strong work-life balance is one of the keys to succeeding both personally and professionally.

“I can do my job effectively only by finding the right balance to engage fully at work and at home. What truly matters to me are the teams around me, and creating strong support networks for each other.”

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