The Skills Consortium


The World Economic Forum’s New Economy and Society Platform aims to work with its partners to provide better education, skills and jobs to 1 billion people by 2030. The urgency around this agenda has been given added impetus by the COVID-19 crisis, and there is an unprecedented opportunity to explore actions required to deliver new skills to the workforce, new delivery mechanisms for learning and training, and new learning ecosystems to enable the Reskilling Revolution

The Consortium

The Skills Consortium is a community of online learning providers that aims to elevate online learning as an effective and accepted pathway to learning and employment. It aims to provide online learning solutions at scale to governments, businesses and individual workers as part of the Reskilling Revolution. To achieve these objectives, the Consortium will collaborate on five key areas:

  1. Creating a shared language for skills

  2. Mapping the supply of learning options

  3. Delivering online learning solutions at scale

  4. Proposing new financing mechanisms for online learning

  5. Creating a framework for signalling quality in online learning

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