The Inclusivity Quotient

COVID-19 demonstrated the impact threats on vulnerable populations can have on the global economy. As we move forward, how do we ensure our future includes the most vulnerable so that our global recovery can be resilient to the new challenges of the era?

The mission of the Inclusivity Quotient Project is to elevate inclusive mobility solutions as assets for socioeconomic development, so they can be better financially sustained and more strategically deployed for vulnerable, marginalized and underserved populations.

IQ addresses issues of mobility deserts by establishing three key goals:

  1. Prolific Adoption of Universal Basic Mobility Principles

  2. Transportation Services for Vulnerable Populations

  3. Connect Mobility to Economic Growth

Housed under the umbrella of the Inclusivity Quotient project are several workstreams including the RESET Challenge. Visit the RESET Challenge page to learn more.

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