Shaping the Financial Institution of the Future

The application of emerging artificial intelligence and automation technologies in financial services has already begun to have a transformative impact; altering the operating structure of financial institutions, the role of people in those institutions and even the landscape of the financial system as a whole. 

This project explores the systemic implications of these changes by convening Chief Operating Officers, Chief Technology Officers and Strategy Officers of large financial institutions with AI leaders in large technology firms, founders of emerging fintechs and leading academics, regulators, supervisors and representatives of civil society. In particular, the project aims to:

  • Evaluate how are current AI and automation capabilities are changing the operating models of financial institutions

    • Where do we expect to see the greatest areas of impact throughout the ecosystem?

    • What are the critical conditions required for successful implementation? 

  • Understand where AI and automation will shift strategic priorities and competitive dynamic

    • What new products, services and business models will AI enable? 

    • How will the implementation of AI reshape interactions and competitive dynamics between ecosystem stakeholders?

  • Map the regulatory and policy uncertainties that the growing use of automation and AI creates

    • In what way could the near- and longer-term use of AI create regulatory and public policy uncertainty?

    • What are the implications of workforce evolution for financial services?