Living, Learning & Earning Longer

The world has entered a new phase of demographic development: people are living and working longer than ever before, with four to five generations working side by side. By 2050, more than four in ten individuals in the world’s most advanced economies are likely to be older than 50.  The World Economic Forum is collaborating with the OECD and AARP on this unique project to research the benefits of an age-inclusive workforce.

This project will seek to build consensus among stakeholders on principles and best practices to support a multi-generational, inclusive workforce by targeting three dimensions: i) creating a culture of respect, security and inclusion; ii) establishing standards, policies and procedures at the enterprise level; iii) identifying attractive work incentives (e.g. financial and retirement planning, work-retirement options, health and wellness plans, caregiving leave and assistance). 

By adopting age-inclusive policies, enabling employability throughout one’s lifespan, and empowering people to make informed, proactive decisions around their retirement, stakeholders can help foster a multi-generational, inclusive workforce of the future. 

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