5G - Next Generation Networks


Intelligent connectivity, enabled by 5G, will be the catalyst for the socio-economic growth in the Fourth Industrial Revolution


The World Economic Forum, as the International Organization for public-private cooperation, aims to advance on seven strategic objectives acting as a platform for multi-stakeholder collaboration:

  1. Redefine business models focused on vertical markets

  2. Support innovators building 5G use cases

  3. Establish cooperative models for infrastructure investment

  4. Demonstrate socio-economic benefits

  5. Prepare for future cyber-security scenarios

  6. Create an enabling regulatory environment

  7. Prioritize sustainability and inclusiveness

2019-2020 Activities:

Community creation:

  • A series of dialogues and workshops to address issues such as innovation, business models, regulation, investment or security engaging stake-holders across mobility, manufacturing, healthcare, energy, media and related industries

  • Integrating, amplifying and coordinating external activities into the Forum platform

Impact assessment:

  • A socio-economic impact assessment across vertical industries to quantify the impact of 5G through the analysis of use cases

Build understanding:

  • A series of communication activities including articles, public panel discussions, informative videos and other activities leveraging the media channels of the World Economic Forum.

  • Design of a Transformation Map for 5G, a digital tool to visualize and navigate inter-connected issues

For any questions, please contact: Rodrigo.Arias@weforum.org