Digital Twin City - Global Practice and Development

The digital twin city is a new direction for the development of smart cities. It is a comprehensive city integrator of digital technology spanning segmental application to overall optimization. It is also a city-level innovation platform that requires the participation of multiple stakeholders.

The platform for Shaping the Future of IoT and Urban Transformation Platform of World Economic Forum, alongside the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) and other key stakeholders, will form an international taskforce to launch an in-depth collaboration on "Shaping the future Digital Twin Cities" to promote industry consensus, create common visions and industrial protocol, incubate and showcase best practices, and enhance public-private partnerships through the collaboration.

Three-year Plan:

  • In 2021, taskforce will release the Report of “Digital Twin Cities: China practice“; organize series of international high-level including the relevant session at the AMNC in Tianjin.

  • Set up a rolling research mechanism for digital twin cities between 2022 and 2023. Research and publish the insight reports including the “Guideline to the Digital Twin Cities for International Development”; Toolkit, explore public- private partnership models for sustainable development, and build an online case library. 

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