The Circular Transformation of Industries

The Circular Transformation of Industries is a multi-stakeholder initiative at the World Economic Forum that aims to enable a growing, resilient and sustainable economy through the adoption of circularity at scale.


We advance circularity to drive:

Resilience: Improving supply chain control, flexibility and responsiveness to shocks

New Sources of Revenue: Innovating with business models that generate new economic opportunities

Efficiency: Maximizing value from scarce resources

Sustainability: Reducing environmental footprint and delivering net-zero goals

Why is the Circular Transformation of Industries initiative needed?

Over the past 20+ years, businesses, industries, and governments have experimented with circularity initiatives mainly focused on waste management, missing the much broader systemic opportunity. True circular transformation requires a systems-wide change. Not only from waste management but from operations, manufacturing and business models. Systems change will come from a community that will drive progress at a global, cross-industry level.

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