Alliance for Clean Air: Catalysing action on ambient air pollution

Air pollution and climate change are two of the greatest challenges of our time but they are also an opportunity to do better. 9 out of 10 people breathe air that is harmful to their health. From the US to Germany and India to China, clean air is increasingly recognized as a priority.

Endlessly innovative and a driver of change, the private sector is well-positioned to improve air quality. By devising solutions and providing low emissions technologies, goods, and services, businesses can help rebalance the relationship between humans and nature, and ensure clean air for all.

Global leaders are coming together through the World Economic Forum to fight toxic air. Leading multinational businesses will:

- Measure and reduce pollution within the operations of the company and use their influence on supply chain to reduce associated pollution.

- Develop comprehensive pollution accounting protocols that identify opportunities to reduce pollution and exposure.

- Increase visibility of air pollution and its impacts, and champion action for clean air.

- Use company assets and abilities innovatively to tackle air pollution.

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