Advancing Indigenous Knowledge and Leadership Network

As part of the Forum’s Civil Society Communities, the Forum’s Indigenous Leader Community includes:

-       Indigenous leaders formally elected to represent their communities in national, regional and global fora; and

-       Indigenous knowledge holders, experts and individuals recognized by their respective communities

Over 70 indigenous leaders and knowledge holders have engaged across the Forum’s Centres, initiatives and events.

The Advancing Indigenous Knowledge and Leadership Network

Despite comprising 5% of the world population, Indigenous people protect 80% of the Earth's biodiversity. Through their long-standing stewardship of the environment, Indigenous leadership and knowledge are critical to finding meaningful solutions to the climate crisis, reversing biodiversity loss and advancing a more sustainable relationship with our planet.

The World Economic Forum’s 2023 Annual Meeting will host Indigenous leaders from around the world to join other leaders in fostering cooperation in a fragmented world. From stronger government policies on ecosystem restoration — highlighted in the most recent White House guidance for federal agencies — to more informed corporate practice on sustainable trade, recognising and advancing Indigenous knowledge will enable societies to make greater impact on today’s global challenges.

The Advancing Indigenous Knowledge and Leadership Network is a global multi-stakeholder community of leaders and experts supporting the global Indigenous movement, and accelerating the meaningful inclusion of indigenous knowledge and leadership towards greater public-private cooperation.

For more information on the Network, please contact David Sangokoya and Jack Hildebrand at  

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