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In 2018, the World Economic Forum created the Ocean Action Agenda as a project that would support a range of initiatives to ensure the long-term sustainable use of the ocean. The Ocean Action Agenda, in partnership with the office of the UN Special Envoy for the Ocean and the World Resources Institute, has now evolved into Friends of Ocean Action, a unique, informal group of over 65 leaders around the world who are fast-tracking solutions to the most pressing challenges facing the ocean. It consists of members – the Friends – who come from business, civil society, international organizations, science and technology, and is spearheaded by its co-chairs, Peter Thomson, the UN Special Envoy for the Ocean, and Isabella Lovin, former deputy prime minister of Sweden. 

Friends of Ocean Action has been involved in the creation of other Forum platforms and projects and such as the Getting to Zero platform and the Deep-Sea Minerals Dialogues as well as the now independent Global Plastic Action Alliance. In 2020, Friends of Ocean Action also produced first large scale virtual meeting for the World Economic Forum, the Virtual Ocean Dialogues. On May 25 – 26, 2021, the Friends also produced a second iteration of the Dialogues, focusing on the role of the ocean in multilateral environment-focused forums ranging from biodiversity to climate to trade.

Friends of Ocean Action in currently progressing through Phase II of its work where it operates in five main impact pillars: 

If you would like to collaborate with Friends of Ocean Action, feel free to reach out and follow our work on our website and on Twitter @FriendsofOcean and on our community page on TopLink

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