5G Global Accelerator

Our Program

A cross-sector initiative that aims at accelerating a sustainable and inclusive transition to the next generation of mobile networks to respond and recover from the Covid-19 crisis and build better connected, more resilient societies.

Our Objectives

  1. Develop a cross-sector community to define new collaboration models

  2. Co-create actionable knowledge tools that support sustainable 5G deployments

  3. Shape the narrative to help cross-sector actors fully understand the value of 5G

Our Community

Global 5G Coalitions Network

A first-of-its-kind community of CEOs, Presidents and top leaders from international associations and regional alliances across sectors

Executive Working Group

A community of 50 Chief Technology Officers, Strategy Officers, Technology Pioneers and other leaders representing 40 organizations across 12 industries, government and academia

2020 Activities

5G Outlook Series

A series of publications that examine the effects of mobile technology on the response to COVID-19, highlight early examples of 5G and assess the outlook for the expanded use of 5G 

5G Use Case Repository

Expand existing repository with inspiring use cases across sectors

5G Action Guide

Develop high-level guiding actions to address challenges across collaboration, technology, innovation and societal impact dimensions

For additional information, please contact Rodrigo.Arias@weforum.org

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