5G Global Accelerator


Accelerate a sustainable transformation of industries and society through 5G

Impact areas:

  1. Business Model Transformation & Innovation

  2. Digital Infrastructure Investment

  3. Policy and Regulatory Environment

  4. Cyber-security Scenarios

  5. Societal Impact


1) Impacts of mobile technology on COVID-19 response and outlook for 5G  (Spring 2020)

2) 5G economic stimulus and new market opportunities (Summer 2020)

3) Create new value and resilience in a post Covid-19 world (Fall 2020 onwards)

2019-2020 Activities

5G Global Coalitions Network:

Foster a cross-industry community of international associations and regional alliances across sectors with shared priorities to accelerate an inclusive and sustainable deployment of 5G networks. 

Curated Analysis:

Collaborative efforts to create tools that help public-private stakeholders make informed decisions on 5G deployments

Insight Sharing:

Inform, shape, and inspire agendas across sectors leveraging our strategic intelligence capabilities, networks, events and communication channels

For additional information or any questions, please contact: Rodrigo.Arias@weforum.org

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