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Shaping the Future of Trade and Investment

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The need for action

The COVID-19 pandemic added a massive shock to global markets already strained by trade tensions. Businesses face significant trade and investment uncertainty in the new landscape, while governments strive to ensure recovery, resilience and sustainability.

Businesses and governments must work together to implement policies and practices that ensure international trade benefits society and the planet in the 21st century. 

Solutions accelerator

The Platform for Trade and Investment accelerates reform through a proven mobilization process to advance recovery, growth and sustainable development.

From the G20 Ministers and CEOs on our Stewardship Board to the customs officials and SME managers in our working groups, we take a multi-stakeholder approach to diagnosing problems, designing solutions and measuring impact. We work across several thematic areas including trade shocks, tensions and governance; digital trade; sustainable, inclusive trade; global investment; trade facilitation; industrial policy, tax and competition.

Write to us to learn more about our activities and to get engaged.

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