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Shaping the Future of Energy, Materials and Infrastructure

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Enabling business, governments and society to grow sustainable economies, help to halt climate change, and create a more equitable world.

Today’s global energy, materials and infrastructure sectors are characterized by significant shifts that are creating new opportunities. New trends and technologies are changing energy production, delivery and consumption. In parallel, and under the current production-consumption model, world demand for raw materials could double by 2060.

Investment, innovation and public-private collaboration are needed to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable, secure and affordable energy system while optimizing the net social and economic value delivered by materials and infrastructure. Strong partnerships and commitments throughout value chains are essential for those sectors to power the systemic changes needed to deliver on the promise of a net-zero world.

Our Platform is focused on accelerating the effective transition of the energy, materials and infrastructure that build the foundations of a sustainable, resilient, and inclusive society. We bring together leaders from the electricity, oil and gas, mining and metals, chemicals, and construction industries.

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