Navigating Global Value Chain Disruption

Goal: Support companies and governments in navigating global value chain disruption from COVID-19 and mega trends to successfully reconfigure global value chains delivering value to all stakeholders

Global Value Chains are undergoing profound changes, with important implications for the manufacturing and production ecosystem. In 2019, we developed a framework to anticipate the ongoing reconfiguration of Global Value Chains and derive key imperatives for businesses and policy makers. The emergence of COVID-19 is accelerating the change of global value delivery models, with unprecedented consequences for manufactures and supply chains. Mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on manufacturers and supply chains requires both new approaches and new forms of collaboration to increase overall resilience. We are bringing together C-level executives from the manufacturing ecosystem to exchange best practices and incubate new collaborations and responses to value chain disruption.


·       Understand new needs of manufacturing and supply systems in light of COVID-19

·       Define key capabilities required to build more resilient value chains

·       Drive public private collaboration to reconfigure value chains in an inclusive and sustainable way

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