Mental Health in the Workplace

As COVID-19 forces us to consider a "new normal," the nature of work will change and employee wellbeing and mental health will become more critical. Isolation and loneliness threaten some; blurred boundaries between work duties and personal duties threaten others. As every individual has unique interests and concerns to address, every employer must shape culture in its own workforce, and that culture should include creating ecosystems wherein employees can thrive physically and mentally.

This project focuses on coordinating global efforts toward mentally healthier workplaces across industries, regions and sectors. The World Economic Forum supports the World Health Organization in its creation of evidence-based guidelines; the Wellcome Trust in the generation of core components of quality workplace mental health; the Global Business Coalition (GBC) for Better Workplace Mental Health in its action framework, and One Mind at Work and its member organizations in their charter and research into neurodiversity and brain health among employees. Through a series of convenings, blog posts and other engagement opportunities, the Forum will play a role in elevating the efforts of international organizations, businesses and civil society organizations toward culture change, practical guidance, and accountability metrics for better mental health in the workplace - during and beyond COVID-19.

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