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Centre for Nature and Climate

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The Centre for Nature and Climate will accelerate actions on climate change and environmental sustainability, food systems, the circular economy and value chains, and the future of international development.

Global ecological systems are straining under the burden of nearly 8 billion people consuming within the planet’s limited boundaries. The shared resources that sustain humanity are under severe strain, with the climate, ocean and food systems facing unprecedented crises. These crises are exacerbated by a global economy that is extremely inequitable and an international governance system that is under acute stress. Amid this, the future of the international development system itself is under scrutiny, as it becomes clear that government alone cannot deliver on the global UN Sustainable Development Goals or the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Our Platform enables leaders from the public and private sectors and civil society worldwide to form exceptional, cross-cutting communities of action that collaborate at speed and scale, harness the opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and trigger systems change.

Partnering with over 150 of the world’s leading companies and 50 international and civil society organizations, our Platform focuses on four key initiatives: the circular economy and global value chains, climate change, environment and natural resource security, food systems and international development.

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