Tinna Nielsen

Founder and Social Entrepreneur, Move the Elephant for Inclusiveness

Anthropologist specializing in diversity, equality, bias and inclusiveness. A norm entrepreneur. Founder of the change-organization Move the Elephant for Inclusiveness, founded on an innovative model of sharing, reciprocity and equal access to enablers that ensure sustainable inclusion in organizations, communities and societies. Its mission is to enable and empower as many people and organizations as possible worldwide to design systems, cultures and behaviours to be inclusive. At the core of this design approach is the practical technique called inclusion Nudges: designed interventions (based on behavioural insights) that mitigate unconscious bias and promote inclusiveness in decision-making, collaboration, leadership and development. The global spread of these enablers is facilitated in a non-profit global peer-to-peer initiative and guidebook: www.inclusion-nudges.org. Faculty, Open University, Denmark, Amani Institute for Social Innovation Management, Kenya, and Open Innovation in Science, Vienna. Young Global Leader, and Co-Chair, Global Future Council for Behavioural Science, World Economic Forum. Gender Parity Strategic Partner and Adviser, United Nations.