Jim Sano

Vice-President, Travel, Tourism and Conservation, WWF International

Jim Sano is the World Wildlife Fund’s Vice President for Conservation Travel. He directs WWF’s community-based conservation travel programs, serves as the technical lead for WWF’s partnerships with private sector travel companies, and oversees the organization’s educational trips for WWF’s most committed members and supporters. Jim was formerly President of Geographic Expeditions, a San Francisco-based adventure travel company that offers educational travel, location management, and sustainable travel consulting services. Prior to joining Geographic Expeditions, Jim served as a National Park Service ranger and special assistant to the Superintendent at Yosemite National Park. His responsibilities included overseeing park naturalist/interpretive programs and coordinating key elements of the park’s General Management Plan. Jim currently serves on Tompkins Conservation advisory board. He was the founding president of the Mono Lake Foundation; a founding director of the Natural Step and the Yosemite Restoration Trust; and is an Emeritus Board Member of the Trust for Public Land - serving 23-years on its executive and project review committee. Jim is the recipient of five National Park Service Special Achievement awards. He also led the first American men and women’s expedition on the rarely attempted Lho Pass-West ridge route on Mt. Everest, the first guided crossing of South Georgia Island, and other expeditions throughout Asia and Latin America.

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