Majed Almansoori

Head, Project Management Office, Dubai Future Foundation

Today, strategy, design, and communications are fundamentally intertwined; this is now truer than ever. There is a consciousness and vitality at the heart of all processes that have challenged people to not only think outside the box, but to toss the box out altogether. I believe that meaningful strategies and planning entails a meticulous attention to detail and a fundamental understanding of the context and relationship between companies, their stakeholders, their employees, and the community. I am a firm believer in effective and genuine communication. Having extensive experience in the field of Engineering and Marketing, I’ve learnt that a well thought out strategy is important in not only influencing people’s views but taking them through an experience. I am as comfortable personally developing brand strategies and content as I am in directing multiple resources to complete projects and managing a team of talented individuals. I enjoy planning and business design as well as business development. I am currently part of the Museum of the Future team at Dubai Future Foundation responsible for managing the construction and executing the immersive exhibitions for the Museum. My role extends to maintaining relationships with key stakeholders as well as managing legislation and compliance issues.