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Young Scientists

Young Scientists

About the Young Scientists community

The Young Scientists community was created in 2008 to engage rising-star researchers in the work of the World Economic Forum. The Young Scientists are a community of extraordinary scientists from various academic disciplines and geographies. They are committed to integrating scientific knowledge into society for the public good. In the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the community helps leaders engage with science and the role it plays in society. The aims are to:

  • Communicate cutting-edge research and position science discourse within the context of scientific evidence

  • Develop leadership skills and a fuller understanding of global, regional and industry agendas

  • Build a diverse global community of next-generation scientific leaders, committed to engaging in collaborations related to collectively identified issues


Selection criteria

Nominations are submitted yearly by leading research institutions who can guarantee the quality and impact of the candidate’s scientific research in addition to the following criteria:

  • Aged 39 or younger at the time of nomination 

  • Experience as a Principal Investigator, group leader or early tenure track professor 

  • Present a recognized record of research excellence

  • Demonstrate a commitment to serve society at large through exceptional contribution

  • Show an impeccable public record and good standing in their community

We are not soliciting nominations this year. Please keep an eye on this webpage for future updates. 

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