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The council will focus on advising and guiding the Information and Entertainment system on “the day after tomorrow” thinking, which are ideas, regulations and policies, business models, concepts and technologies that have the potential to revolutionize the system. The key system challenges that require “day after tomorrow” thinking are: - The increasingly distributed accountability for accuracy and validity of content - A growing tension between personalized service and industry’s use of personal data - The technological innovations that may impact various industry sectors - Transformations in human behaviour and in society from hyperconnectivity - The increasingly congested content ecosystem of creation, distribution and consumption - Difficulties in accessing, managing and monetizing IP in a sustainable manner - Fostering creativity through a growth mindset, efficient tools, and enabling environments - End user empowerment, including freedom of expression, control of our digital identities, and instilling a sense of global citizenship - Insufficient legal, regulatory, technical, and human capital related infrastructure for growing and sustaining creative economies

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Council Manager:

Claudio Cocorocchia, Content Lead, Media, Entertainment and Information Industries, Global Leadership Fellow,