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Global Future Council on Cities and Urbanization

Global Future Council on Cities and Urbanization

The Global Future Council on Cites and Urbanization is dedicated to promoting innovative thinking to shape a sustainable and inclusive future for cities around the world. The Council has been seeking to assist cities to become low carbon by 2050 by identifying best practice solutions that cities can employ to create low carbon cities, but also with added co-benefits in terms of health and inclusion.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, the Council has expanded their work to having weekly meetings to enable cities to share the current situation in their city, the response, the progress, the struggles, where help is sought, their strategy to ease lockdown and post COVID-19. It has also enabled businesses, international organizations and civil society to advise of the initiatives they have developed to assist cities. In addition, it is now enabling cities, business and civil society to work together to rethink the future of cities and the global trends resulting from COVID-19 that will require cities to transform and adapt. They have also opened these sessions up to guest City presenters and guest observers.

Would you like to attend or present at one of the sessions? Please reach out with this link.


Council Manager

Alice Charles, Project Lead, Cities, Infrastructure and Urban Services Platform, World Economic Forum

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