Chief Human Resources Officers Community

A Peer-to-Peer Community of People Leaders


The world’s leading Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) from 140 companies, across over 20 different industries, spanning North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia come together in monthly virtual meetings. 


The community drives impact through:

  • Peer-level exchange on emerging trends, opportunities and risks in talent management to support business goals;

  • Synthesizing and amplifying cutting-edge insights on how organization and people processes can be redesigned to help business thrive;

  • Mobilizing action on initiatives that promote and enable a new future of work that meets business outcomes and provides good work for all. 

HR Leadership on the Future of Work

CHROs are well positioned to address some of the most pressing issues that impact good work: pressures on pay, demands for flexibility, concerns on health and wellbeing, risks to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and skills gaps for the jobs of tomorrow. Promoting good work is critical for organizations to attract and retain talent. The inaugural term of the CHRO Community in 2020 focused on the best approaches to responding to the pandemic. In 2021 the emphasis shifted to building on the lessons learnt and in 2022, envisioning and designing the ‘new’ future of work. The CHRO community in 2023 will focus on realizing the set vision for a better future of work through delivering comprehensive people strategies that drive high job quality and fair wages and elevating the role of HR in driving business outcomes.

The community is part of the World Economic Forum’s Centre for the New Economy and Society which is focused on shaping prosperous, resilient and equitable economies and societies that create opportunity for all. Underpinning the Centre’s programme on the future of work is a recognition of the need to expand opportunity and quality in the jobs of tomorrow. The Centre produces world-class insights including The Good Work Framework White Paper, The Future of Jobs Report, and the Jobs of Tomorrow series while additionally driving change through a number of action initiatives, including for example, the Good Work Alliance, the Refugee Employment and Employability Initiative and the Global Future Council on the Future of Job Creation. 

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