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Shaping the Future of Urban Transformation

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Cities are home to a growing majority of the world’s population and generate more than 80% of global GDP. As global challenges increase, cities are both on the frontline and essential to hopes for a more sustainable and resilient future.

The World Economic Forum’s urban transformation platform advances public-private collaboration in cities, enabling more resilient and future-ready communities and local economies. The platform collaborates with a global community including more than 100 cities and 170 global partners and has aligned its priorities around three impact areas.

Increasing quality of life

We bring together complementary public and private sector efforts, catalyze new partnerships to “build better,” and enable thriving, sustainable communities.

Enabling nature-positive cities

We align and accelerate work at the intersection of cities, climate action, and sustainability to prepare for and help mitigate future challenges.

Growing local economies

We spur urban innovation and new economic opportunity, supporting the development and growth of entrepreneurial ecosystems and bolstering the resiliency of local economies.

To achieve this, the Urban Transformation platform builds public-private coalitions to support and advance local level implementation of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to enable more sustainable, resilient and inclusive cities and local economies.

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