Scope 3 Decarbonization: The Consumer Opportunity

The Challenge

Scope 3 decarbonization presents a complex challenge for companies, as these indirect emissions can comprise the largest share of a company’s carbon footprint but are the most difficult to quantify and influence. Since consumer use and post-use can represent up to 90% of Scope 3 emissions for consumer-facing companies, it is paramount to positively influence citizens in their transition to a new set of consumption behaviors to achieve climate-friendly outcomes.


Our Approach

This initiative aims to identify the demand-side strategic pathways required for Scope 3 decarbonization by bringing together an ecosystem of leading cross-industry actors and public sector organizations. It will empower citizens of the future to live, shop, eat, and play in ways that are better for the planet via business transformations, consumer engagement models, and new policy frameworks. As such, this initiative offers the potential to drive new value creation while ensuring net zero commitments are met.

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