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Climate Action Platform

The world is on track for a 3°C temperature rise, which would mean sea-level rises that would engulf settlements that is home to millions of people; increase migration, impact food and water, significantly disrupt supply chains and massively dent the global economy. The Forum’s Global Risk Report 2021 found that climate change is considered one of the biggest and most likely risks.

The Paris Climate agreement commits countries to action that will limit global warming to well below 2°C, preferably to 1.5°C. That can only be done by a rapid and major cut in greenhouse gas emissions.

The World Economic Forum is uniquely placed to bring together governments, businesses, scientists, innovators, and communities to take that action.

The Climate Action Platform takes a three-pronged approach to help deliver a future that puts people, nature and the climate first:

  • Raising Ambition: Activating leaders to scale climate ambition and commitments 

  • Catalysing Transformation: Working with partners to build, host and scale public-private initiatives aimed at turning ambition into action

  • Enabling Mobilization: Providing a platform to governments, innovators and stakeholders to scale action and solutions

In all this work, we draw on the Forum’s 1,000+ business partners that span heavy industry, energy, land use, consumer goods, financial markets and more; mobilize our 1,000+ stakeholders from civil society, entrepreneurs, youth and technology pioneers; collaborate with key government leaders driving climate action; and spark engagement from the 60,000+ members of TopLink (the Forum’s digital collaboration platform), 27,000 digital subscribers and 25 million social media followers. 


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